We have launched a brand new app which allows non-members to use our Delivery and Collection service (but with a service charge)

However, only full members will get access to the full range of tastecard benefits!

If you have created a free account via our app - you will only be able to use Collection and Delivery Service, with a service charge applied. You will need to upgrade to a membership to allow you to use  all the other benefits having a tastecard brings.

If you have a membership with no additional benefits (formally tastecard+). You will be able to use our core products "Dine Out" and "Delivery and Collection" but you will need to upgrade to have additional benefits which allows savings on cinemas, day's out, movie streaming and member perks such as online shopping and health and lifestyle benefits.

If you have a membership with additional benefits (formally tastecard+) you have access to ALL of our offers and savings and benefit the most from our partners! 

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