My e-codes aren't working

The first thing we recommend is to double check that you are entering the e-code exactly as it is displayed, we have all confused a "1" with an "I" before.

Why not try to copy and paste the e-code directly from the email. If doing this make sure that there is no "space" at the start or end of the e-code when you paste it. 
Check to make sure that the e-code expiry date has not passed. E-codes are usually valid for 3 months from the date of purchase but the expiry date is confirmed in your confirmation email.
When you attempt to redeem an e-code on a partners site it may "hold" the code for 30mins. If you think you have tried to redeem a code via one of our partners website directly, and you haven't received a confirmation screen or email you will need to contact them directly to check if the booking has been confirmed.
If you are still struggling after trying all the steps above please contact us via our online form by providing us with as much information as you can, and selecting the "cinema query" Enquiry reason.